Melis Restaurant

Authentic Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine

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Melis Restaurant

Melis Restaurant is a charming, family-run Turkish restaurant that celebrates the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine while offering a delightful blend of Mediterranean influences. Located in the heath of Central Milton Keynes, Melis Restaurant provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can indulge in an authentic experience.

Our menu features a diverse selection of traditional Turkish dishes prepared with love and care, showcasing the vibrant and aromatic flavours of the region. From mouth watering kebabs and savoury mezes, our chefs expertly craft each dish to perfection, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. To further elevate your dining experience, our skilled bartenders create a selection of exquisite cocktails. Sip on a refreshing classic or explore our innovative blends, crafted with precision using the finest spirits and fresh ingredients.


At Melis Restaurant, we offer more than just exquisite food. Immerse yourself in our unique offerings, where the aroma and the art of relaxation come alive. Experience the traditional art of shisha as you unwind in our designated shisha lounge, where you can enjoy a range of delightful flavours and share memorable moments with friends and loved ones.

“What a amazing place from start to finish. Service was brilliant the staff were all so polite and friendly.”

Delivery & Takeaway

We invite you to reach out to us to discover the delectable array of dishes available for takeaway and delivery.

“ The whole experience was above and beyond. Great service. The staff was very friendly and fast. "

“ large portions, nice choices , large menu with excellent options! "

“ Lovely atmosphere, excellent service, very reasonable prices "

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